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Why we are partnering with Jigsaw?

Eoin Mc Guinness
Posted by Eoin Mc Guinness on Jan 4, 2022 10:30:00 AM


Like most Irish people I have been touched far more than I care to admit by the plight of suicide in this country. Seeing family members, friends & strangers having to deal with the loss of life and loss of a future is honestly the most heartbreaking feeling in the world. Seeing, feeling, and experiencing this firsthand has really left me with a lot of questions about myself and the way I deal with things, and how I can use my talents to help others in even the smallest way!



I think back to one day during the summer out for a hike on Benbulbum in Sligo feeling lost, lost for a way to in some way to give back and help others who suffer from their own mental battles.

  • Could I be a counselor or man a support line? No, I have to get my own head right first!
  • Could I give money? Was that really enough to satisfy this need for me!
  • Could I do something out of my comfort zone and raise money? Yes, but was I going to be doing this more for me or for a real cause!
  • Could I use my business acumen? Yes, that's it but how!

The funny thing was when I made this decision, I had no idea how and who to link up with! This is the thing about mental health sometimes taking your time is the right thing to do, breathe, think, ponder! For the last 6 months, I have been battling with my own head! Feeling down a lot more than usual, feeling lost & lacking vision but its funny Inspiration comes from the smallest places. After having an extremely low day I was searching my office for a document and out popped a photo of my cousin (this photo traveled, Australia & Japan with me) which I thought I lost! At that exact moment, I made some decisions


1) I gave up drinking alcohol (the main reason for bad headspace, my escape from everything & my crutch)

2) It’s time to work on me! Learn to know me better!

3) Jigsaw!


Anyone reading this and seeing the word Jigsaw is going to think I’m a little crazy but Jigsaw was a place my cousin had spent some time before she left us and a place I believe she got answers to the questions she had which she felt no one else could answer! Understanding your own mental health is so important and as someone who went to an All-Boys Catholic School “feelings” were not acceptable! Would I be a stronger, healthier person now If I had been thought mindfulness, coping mechanisms & lack of judgment of speech/feelings! 100% I would!

That's what I like about Jigsaw they are advocating this from a higher platform but yet helping the people like my cousin who found life hard. They help people from 12-25 years old get advice, support, and answers to the parts of life that are hard to explain, cope with and understand. At that age (or any age really), the skills to deal, love, and understand yourself are massively lacking so having people to talk to and canvas on your behalf is so important! Do check out what they do here if you are interested in Learning More.

As a family who has been touched by suicide so many times, we made the decision that CRANN (Our family business) would donate €1 for every product sold to Jigsaw. If we can work on our business we are doing something small in the memory of our family members who could have done with Jigsaw growing up and those who used their services before they left us! We hope to be able to impact someone in a positive way but partnering with the experts that Jigsaw are! Maybe if they had these supports they would still be with us.

Hopefully, you reading this will also drive a little awareness to a wonderful charity and most importantly to your own mental health! Remember it’s ok to feel low, to feel down but remember to talk and find an outlet that is healthy/constructive! Most people who know me will say I’m extremely positive and have a head full of rainbows/butterflies but that's the funny thing about mental health it affects us all in different ways but it's about how you deal with it and how you let it deal with you! We hope with this partnership to help equip young people with skills to deal with life and everything it throws at them!




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