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Why Sustainability is the highest form of innovative business strategy

Eoin Mc Guinness
Posted by Eoin Mc Guinness on Jun 11, 2021 11:00:00 AM

Business strategies must be unique, innovative, eco-friendly, and customer-centered. The goals of the business is to survive upon its initiating phase, and flourish all throughout its operational management. To attain success in its respective industry, products and services must accord to the sustainable and advocacy principles that benefit the users, employees, and most especially, the earth and surroundings.



The biologically-based values of the sourced raw materials are precisely sourced out according to the demands of the company's production requirements to avoid wastage. This method can save fossil resources, which helps reduce greenhouse gases and assures conservation of chemical and mechanical products used in existing material manufacturing systems. Moreover, the equipment that will be used for the manufacturing should see to it that it will be delivered in a technological, less time-consuming in making a product, lesser distance of travel, and less electricity consumption.

Collage with solar batteries as alternative source of energy

This fulfills to execution for the good of "Climate Action" as a support of the responsible consumption and production strategies. Moreover, companies must invest in solar power that provides the required energies for the equipment and machines which achieves a reduction of carbon emissions since the electricity produced is locally sourced onsite. Companies must choose materials that are versatile and durable to achieve a "Responsible Consumption and Production" practice. 

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Another technique is to implement a Decent Work and Economic Growth strategy through the cost-cutting effects of the raw material sourcing procedures and product design, the production can promote lower labor costs. It is also the company's responsibility to choose the most strategic location, better acquisition, and merging with its relevant stakeholders nearby its physical office and manufacturing plant. The key to a powerful supply chain and engagement with stakeholders is to consider the company's vision, goals, and committed services along with the stakeholders, target markets, fashion styles, consumer behaviors, and geographical location.


To attain energy-efficient and functional business operations, the method of differentiation business strategy can be applied. This will increase the company's chance to gain more profit through cutting the cost of business capitals from the raw materials and manufacturing expenses. Thus, it will also have the chance to be more competitive in the industry since the products encases innovative designs and unique emerging footwear that interests potential markets. On the other hand, the best business strategy to apply with regards to respecting the use of sustainable energy sources, minimize carbon footprint, and opt for using renewable energy sources. The basic business startup level will include the Planning Phase that involves visualization, conceptualization, and research.


In the conceptualization and visualization, the company should develop systematically sustainable and eco-friendly procedures from:


1.Designing the products, 

2.Office and Field Works, 

3.Transacting and dealing with suppliers of raw materials, 


5.Marketing, Advertising, dealing with Wholesalers and Resellers,

6.Delivery of finished products to the markets


The importance of sustainability is also beneficial to the consumers, the company, and the surroundings because it becomes relevant to taking care of the only habitat of mankind. Thus, it also cuts costs due to the prevention of illnesses and diseases that can be caused by pollution, and most especially that it could lessen the possibilities of climate change. 


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