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What is Bog Oak?

Eoin Mc Guinness
Posted by Eoin Mc Guinness on Oct 12, 2021 10:30:00 AM

Bog-oak is constructed from the trunks of bushes that have lain in bogs, and bog-like situations along with lakes, river bottoms and swamps, for hundreds of years or even millennia. Deprived of oxygen, the wood undergoes the technique of fossilization.


Water float and intensity play a unique function withinside the advent of bog-wood. Currents bind the minerals and iron withinside the water with tannins withinside the wood, evidently staining the wood inside the technique. This centuries-lengthy technique, regularly termed "maturation," turns the wood from golden-brown to absolutely black, even as growing its hardness to one of this stage that it is able to handiest be carved with the usage of area of expertise reducing tools.


While the time is important for the oak to convert into bog-oak varies, the "maturation" typically lasts heaps of years. Due to the ecological motives cited above, no trunks may be observed of the identical color.




Bog-oak is characterized with the aid of using herbal staining and versions in color, and the route of boom rings. Well, preserved bog-wood isn't laid low with climate situations or organisms which could alternate its power and appearance. 


Semi-dry bog-oak is now and again of a golden or copper color, or with a tint of a few different hues, and is fairly hard. Older wood may be absolutely black, but own the wealthy versions in hue feature of "live" wood. 


This darkish hue is a unique function of bog-oak , a creation material, whether or not it's far used for the making of semi-synthetic goods, veneer or planks.




Because bog-oak can stay loose of degradation for heaps of years it's far of use in dendrochronology, frequently supplying data lots older than dwelling trees. Wooden artifacts misplaced or buried in loos grow to be preserved as lavatory-wooden, and are vital in archaeology.


Bog-oak can be utilized in joinery to make furnishings or wooden carving. Bog-wooden every now and then has aesthetically thrilling shapes (much like driftwood) and can be used as ornaments. As lavatory wooden dries out, it is able to crack or split, however, this doesn't always detract from its aesthetic qualities


Bog-oak is utilized in aquaria for ornaments, supplying hiding locations for fish and a developing floor for vegetation including Java fern. Additionally, the leaching of natural compounds including tannins into the water reasons a brown coloration.

One of the makes use of lavatory-wooden is for making of tobacco pipes. It is a perfect cloth due to an excessive percent of minerals, attaining as much as 12%, which makes lavatory-wooden mainly proof against burning. Because underground currents erase all lines of tannin, resin and comparable elements in lavatory-wooden, pipes built of the historical wooden offer an impartial flavor for the duration of tobacco smoking. Due to the demanding situations of extraction and processing, nowadays there are an enormously small variety of pipe makers who make pipes out of lavatory wooden.


In addition to pipes, lavatory-wooden has historically been used to assemble ornamental items and gadgets for regular use. Today, contemporary-day drying strategies have made it feasible to keep large planks of lavatory oak that might be appropriate for ground coverings, furnishings, doors, window frames, and sculptures.



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