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    7 classic sunglasses for men

    As of today, our world is constantly changing and a part of this is the production of quality and fashionable...

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    How to Adjust your Watch

    You may have a watch sitting in a drawer somewhere simply due to the fact that it does not fit. It either slips off...

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    11 Reasons to Wear Wooden Accessories

    Welcome to the world of wooden accessories! Here at Crann, we craft high-quality sunglasses and watches that will...

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    Get Your Festival Checklist

    Finally, the festival day is here. You are all excited and pumped up. You will have mad fun with your friends. But...

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    13 Festival Essentials

    It's festival season! Whether you a festival newbie or a seasoned pro you are bound to forget something. Here is a...

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    Are polarized sunglasses really worth it?

    If you're looking into buying a new pair of sunglasses, especially prescription ones, you might've noticed a not...

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    Crann made it onto the pages of GQ

    It might be a surprise to those of us who are used to GQ providing cutting edge content on the essentials of life...

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    Are your Staff Gifts or Customer Gifts sustainable?

    Do you send Branded Corporate Gifts to your clients? As a business, you may have to pick simple gifts to keep your...

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    10 Valentine's Day Gift for Him Guide

    Valentine's day has always been known as the holiday of love, but picking out a gift for your other half can be a...

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    Do I really need sunglasses in Ireland?

    The Ultraviolet rays of the sun are deadly little blighters. Not only can they penetrate our skin and make an...

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