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    Are your Staff Gifts or Customer Gifts sustainable?

    Do you send Branded Corporate Gifts to your clients? As a business, you may have to pick simple gifts to keep your...

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    Crann our way of helping

    "I know we all have been reading about the bushfires in Australia at the minute and honestly, it really is hard to...

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    10 Valentine's Day Gift for Him Guide

    Valentine's day has always been known as the holiday of love, but picking out a gift for your other half can be a...

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    How To Find My Face Shape?

    This is a question that gets asked a lot when it comes to buying sunnies or glasses online or even when it...

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    If I don't like My Cranns can I return them? No Questions Asked?

    You are asking yourself "What if I buy but don't like it?"

    The answer is simple, Crann returns it to you. No...

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    Recycled Wooden Sunglasses? How do we do it?

    At Crann, we get asked a lot about why we are different and how we make our sunglasses from recycled materials,...

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    RETAIL: 5 Benefits Why You Should Sell Eco-Friendly Products

    66% of global respondents to a Nielson survey say they would pay more for products that come from companies...

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    Shades, Sunnies & Raybans Whatever you call them here's some helpful info?

    Sunglasses are no longer a luxury accessory only for you to look good in front of your people. So are they really...

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    The PE Plastic we use in our Crann Sunnies?

    Did you know we use on recycled PE plastic on all our sunnies?

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    The Stainless Steel We Use For Our Sunnies

    Did you know we using only recycled Stainless Steel to make our Sunnies? 

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