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    Becoming a part of our culture with your Irish glasses

    Hospitality, fun, great food and tasty Irish stouts are some of the words coming to an Irish lovers' minds. Folks...

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    What Sunglasses Match My Face?

    Finding sunglasses that flatter your face can be a difficult task with all the choices out there. Sometimes...

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    Christmas 2020, A Christmas like no other.

    Christmas 2020 is looming. Children are counting down the days, awaiting Santa’s arrival. There’s a sense of urgency...

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    Shop Local - Shop Sustainable - Shop Irish

    Being Irish looking out for one another is in our DNA and the current climate is no different! Shopping local and...

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    7 Reasons You Need To Wear Sunglasses in Dublin

    Sun glasses. Glasses for the sun. Protecting you from the UV rays whilst also raising your fashion profile into the...

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    7 Benefits of Blue Light Blocking Glasses

    Ahh the infamous blue light blocking glasses, but just what is blue light, and why do I want glasses to block it?

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    Get Your Festival Checklist

    Finally, the festival day is here. You are all excited and pumped up. You will have mad fun with your friends. But...

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    9 Incredible Sites to See in Ireland

    Ireland is a favorite destination location for people from all over the world. They come to Ireland to enjoy the...

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    Are polarized sunglasses really worth it?

    If you're looking into buying a new pair of sunglasses, especially prescription ones, you might've noticed a not...

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