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What is Acetate Plastic?

With global climate change, various organizations and governments alike are promoting the idea of sustainability....

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7 Tips To Make Your Home Sustainable

We've been on the house hunt for a while now, so my mind is always on all things "home." So, for this month's blog...

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What is Bog Oak?

Bog-oak is constructed from the trunks of bushes that have lain in bogs, and bog-like situations along with lakes,...

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Reasons You Should Wear Wood Frame Eyeglasses

Whenever consumers are on the look out for new pairs of glasses, plastic or metal is the default choice. How about...

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Help The Environment...With Sunglasses?!

It's hard to escape from the countless displays at retail stores of plastic sunglasses. Most retail stores offer many...

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DPD Delivering Sustainability

We get asked a lot why we ship with DPD so let me tell you why!

1- Electricity.

In Ireland, the first electric package...

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Becoming a part of our culture with your Irish glasses

Hospitality, fun, great food and tasty Irish stouts are some of the words coming to an Irish lovers' minds. Folks love...

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Implementing sustainable choices into your daily routine can be easier than you think.  Let's start with our morning...

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Sustainable glasses frames - What are they and what do they mean for you?

For many companies like Crann, a special interest has been born to take care of the environment, our planet, and...

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Why Sustainability is the highest form of innovative business strategy

Business strategies must be unique, innovative, eco-friendly, and customer-centered. The goals of the business is to...

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