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Summer Lovin’ In Kilkenny

Catie Beth
Posted by Catie Beth on Aug 9, 2022 10:29:14 AM


Ireland is beautiful, but it's even more breathtaking when it's 21 degrees outside.

This past weekend we loaded up on SPF and headed to the Mountian View Farmer's Market to eat at every food vendor we could and catch some rays. You might be thinking, aren't you a little overdressed for a farmer's market? Yes, yes, I am. But if you're reading this, take it as your sign to wear your "vacation outfits" around your hometown. Italy has been on my *I live in Europe now, let's travel* bucket list since I moved to Ireland in December 2019, and we were hoping to go this July but ended up in Amsterdam instead. I had already purchased my "Italy outfits" days before the itinerary changed.  I kept the gorgeous vacation outfits on the hanger hidden in the closet and depressingly figured they wouldn't be worn in Italy anytime soon, but when I checked my weather app, I thought it was her time to shine.


One of my favorite clothing items for the spring and summer seasons is maxi dresses! You may already know this from my Paris blog post when I swooned over my girly white maxi dress. I found this gorgeous cobalt blue dress online at H&M. I was drawn to the color and the gorgeous cut. The material is "crinkled" and thin, so it's perfect for throwing on as a casual summer outfit. I paired it with simple brown sandals, gold hoops, a stunning beaded clutch gifted to me by my two older brothers, and my first pair of CRANNs! We got food at what felt like every vendor, ate on the lawn, and soaked up the sun. The perfect summer Sunday.


I hope you all treat yourself to a vacation outfit soon, and if you don't, you're welcome for the brilliant idea. Throw on a cute dress and your favorite sunnies, and enjoy the rest of the summer sun!


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