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Saying Goodbye to Eyeglass Scratches: Basic Tricks

Eoin Mc Guinness
Posted by Eoin Mc Guinness on Dec 7, 2021 3:47:00 PM

Are you stressed out by the emergence of scratches in your eyeglasses? If you are, you're certainly not alone in your frustration. Scratches can defeat the purpose of your eyeglasses, after all. Thankfully, the reality is that there are a handful of basic hacks that can make getting rid of these irritating marks pretty straightforward and speedy. You don't have to tolerate these scratches for long at all.


Warm Water and Baking Soda

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Look at your eyeglass lenses. Are the scratches rather subtle and light? If they are, the assistance of warm water and baking soda may just be able to save the day. Use a microfiber cloth to cleanse your glasses first. If you lack a microfiber cloth, a designated lens cleaning wipe can work like a charm. Cleaning can do away with muck accumulation and dust. Blend water and between one and two baking soda tablespoons. Do this until you create a paste that's remarkably dense. Put this blend straight onto the affected sections of your lenses. You can do this with the help of a fresh microfiber cloth or a cotton ball. Rely on motions that are steady. Keep your pressure light, too. Refrain from pressing down in a manner that's overly aggressive. Once you put the blend onto your lenses, use water to rinse them off. This can get rid of any and all remnants of the paste. Retrieve a fresh cloth and clean your eyeglasses once more. Dry them fully.



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Toothpaste isn't just a type of product that can keep your teeth healthy and visually appealing. That's because it may also be able to help you say farewell to eyeglass scratches for good, believe it or not. If you have glasses scratches that aren't severe, then this product may be able to function as a buffing agent of sorts. Opt for a toothpaste formula that's the polar opposite of abrasive. Opt for one that's devoid of chemicals that are aggressive, too. It can help to steer clear of toothpastes that include strong whitening chemicals. Get your hands on a smooth cloth or a cotton ball. Massage toothpaste on your lenses with movements that are circular. Keep doing this for a total of roughly 10 minutes. After you're done, you can rinse it away with water that's cool. 


Baby Oil

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Baby oil can sometimes be a lifesaver for individuals who want to take care of pesky eyeglass scratches. Baby oil can function as a light polish. Dab a tiny amount of it onto your lenses. Massage them until you see any and all scratches fade conspicuously.


Car Wax

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Car wax can act as a convenient buffing agent that can take care of eyeglass scratches effectively as well. It can be smart to secure wool buffers that have smooth and soft textures for scratch elimination applications. Polish the marks in little circular motions. Some people do this in intervals of several weeks or so.


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