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Reasons You Should Wear Wood Frame Eyeglasses

Eoin Mc Guinness
Posted by Eoin Mc Guinness on Sep 28, 2021 10:15:00 AM

Whenever consumers are on the look out for new pairs of glasses, plastic or metal is the default choice. How about wooden frame eyeglasses? It still has a long way to go to catch up to mainstream eyeglasses frames. But more and more consumers are switching away from metal or plastics to wooden frames for good reasons.


1.) Wooden Frame Glasses are Comfortable

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Wooden frame glasses are more comfortable compared to plastic or metal frames due to its lightweight quality. It's easy to forget that one is wearing wooden frame glasses due to this quality.


2.) They Are Good for the Environment


With climate change raging on, being environmentally friendly is seen as cool. What is cooler than someone who can state that their glasses is eco-friendly? One of the most environmentally friendly way one can do when shopping for new pairs of glasses would be to purchase wood frame glasses. The great thing about wood is its a renewable material which needs little processing and energy to produce. On the other hand, plastic and metal are very resource-heavy, which involves enormous amount of energy to produce, which includes chemicals, fossil fuels and heat.


Another consequence of producing plastics and metals are the industrial waste that result from those, such as microplastics. When it comes to producing wood, the only byproduct is just sawdust.


3.) Wood Frame Glasses are Customizable


Like any other products made of wood, wood frame glasses are highly customizable. Feeling creative? You can have wooden frames with many intricate designs sculpted and whatever colors you want on them. 


See above a little pit of customization on some watches! 


4.) Wooden Frame Glasses are Non-Allergenic

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You will be wearing your glasses for years on end, so why not choose something that is non-allergenic? For some people, after months and years of wearing plastic or metal framed eyeglasses, they develop allergies, such as skin conditions behind the ears of nose markings from continuous contact with plastic or metal. Wooden glasses, on the other hand, are natural, and along with plant based treatment, they are waterproof and sweat resistant. 


5.) Wooden Frames are Strong and Durable

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One of the common myths about wooden frames is that they are not as strong and durable compared to plastic frames. Wooden frames are not made up of one piece of wood, rather they are curated using a layering technique for several hours. In addition, bleach coating is also applied to make the wooden frames resistant to the elements.


6.) Wooden Frames are Good for your Health

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Wearing adornments and accessories made of wood is healthy. It has been proven that the use of wood has physiological and psychological health benefits, like feeling happier, calmer, and more relaxed. 


7.) Wooden Frames are Unique


Wooden glasses look different from mainstream plastic or metal, giving off unique vibes to the wearer. They can be a great source of conversation starters. Wooden frames are also handcrafted from different types of wood, so they are unique amongst each other as well.


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