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Eoin Mc Guinness
Posted by Eoin Mc Guinness on Feb 18, 2021 7:38:20 PM

The wood we use, pine, is perhaps the most widely used and best-known wood due to several factors including its abundance, ease of workability and versatility. It has good strength, shrinkage and bending, and impregnability indices. There are many species of pines in all continents, each with different characteristics or properties.



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It is a wood that, in general, offers little or no natural resistance to the usual degrading agents: fungi and insects. However, in most cases, pinewood can easily be treated to improve its durability, as we at Crann do in close collaboration with several ethical manufacturers in Asia who use only recycled materials to make our watches and eyewear. Crann ensures that the supply chain is secure.


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We believe that by upcycling and recycling wood materials such as pine, we can clean up and reduce waste pollution worldwide. Recycling materials can lower the consumption of new waste materials, reduce energy use and ultimately cut pollution. We manufacture all our products with 100% recycled materials. We want you to have an eco-friendly Crann, and we want it to be the last watch or sunglasses you wear because of the lifetime guarantee we offer. Why wait? Don't hesitate any longer and join the Crann trend!


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