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Eoin Mc Guinness
Posted by Eoin Mc Guinness on Feb 18, 2021 7:52:41 PM

The wood we use oak is perhaps, next to pine, the most popular. It concentrates all the characteristics that a woodworker expects to find in this raw material: quality, appearance, strength and ease of working. It is one of the most outstanding options in Crann and the favourite of its consumers. This wood has an avant-garde aesthetic. It is impossible not to find high-quality wood products such as those from Crann made from various oak types: aged, white, natural, dark ... and they are among the best-selling designs in any of ours shops!




A wide variety of oak exists on almost every continent with an impressive range of textures, shapes and colour tones from the light yellow of the sapwood to the heartwood's brown. It is a wood characterised by semi-hardness and moderate durability with excellent mechanical properties and another conglomerate of characteristics that mean that when this wood goes through Crann's unique creation process, it ends up becoming a unique Crann trend product that lasts a lifetime. 


With the mightly oak we take what every we can get our hands on from tables, chairs to flooring. A wood like Oak always needs to be saved and up-cycled how can it not! 




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