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7 Tips To Make Your Home Sustainable

Catie Beth
Posted by Catie Beth on Oct 19, 2021 10:15:00 AM

We've been on the house hunt for a while now, so my mind is always on all things "home." So, for this month's blog post, I thought it was only fitting to share some ideas to make your home sustainable. Comment below one thing you do to have a sustainable home. It could inspire someone else!


1) Compost -

What? Eggshells, coffee grounds, fruits and veg, tea bags, and a whole lot more. Why? It enriches your soil, lowers your carbon footprint, and, again, a whole lot more.

Large compost bin, made of wood and wire mesh, in a community garden, early summer in Illinois, for themes of environment, recycling, organic fertilization

2) Shop at your local farmer's market -

We love to #ShopIrish! See if your town has a local farmers market here. You can also purchase farm-fresh eggs from a neighbor or coworker.

Farmer selling his organic produce on a sunny day-1

3) Switch from paper towels to a reusable rag -

Bonus idea: Get a basket to leave in your laundry room for these reusable rags so you can wash them all together. Thanks for that idea, TikTok.

Cleaning table by pink rag

4) Plant native plants-

Check with your local garden center if you're unsure what would be best!

Computer and digital tablet on a table at home

5) Select appliances with high energy efficient ratings -

Use LED lights, energy-efficient washers, etc. Happy upgrading!

Thinking woman in glasses looking up with light idea bulb above head isolated on gray wall background

6) Install a rainwater collector -

Great to use for watering your plants and garden.


7) Shop smart-

Hello, CRANN!
3 Women

And the list goes on. We can do so many little things around and in our homes to live a more sustainable life. If you feel overwhelmed, start with the shopping option. It's one of my favorites. ;-)

See you next time!

Xo, Catie Beth



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