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How to Be More Sustainable in Fashion

Eoin Mc Guinness
Posted by Eoin Mc Guinness on Jun 14, 2022 10:45:00 AM

Over the last two decades, people have enjoyed the drop in clothing prices. In fact, most people with closets now have five times more than their grandparents. Isn't that amazing? But if you'll think about it deeper. The more clothes that we own means, the more demand for fabrics.


Nowadays, most clothing fabrics are made from animal skin that produces wool and silk; minerals that make glass fiber and asbestos; plants that create cotton, jute, and flax; synthetic, which has polyester, nylon, rayon, and acrylic. Animal skin, minerals, and plants are natural sources that may be deemed to be gone if continuously used.


Becoming sustainable in fashion is probably the best way to halt or stop dress accumulation. Because who needs a lot of clothes anyway? Consider the following tips on how to be more sustainable in fashion:


  1. Only Buy From Sustainable Clothing Lines


There are a lot of sustainable clothing lines where you can shop clothes without the guilt of abusing natural resources. These include Patagonia, Kotn, Pact, and Quince. These brands offer high-quality garments that are actually cheaper than other famous brands. You'll be charged for the quality, not the brand's name. How cool is that? Trust me, quality over the brand is much more convenient in the long run.

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  1. Start Off Buying High Quality


Buying high-quality clothes from the beginning will help you to have long-lasting and beautiful garments. Come to think of it. You may tend to look at the overall appearance of the clothes rather than their quality - especially when you're buying them online. Most customers don't read the product details as long as it has a good review.


However, a good appearance doesn't guarantee quality. You'll be thankful to buy high-quality clothes in the long run because they don't get old quickly. On the bright side, when consumers don't support garments that are low quality, it will push them to make ones that are feasible for the majority.

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  1. Don't Just Discard Your Clothes


Before you discard your clothes, think about how you can reuse them. As you may know, most dresses nowadays are made from synthetic and non-biodegradable materials. It would be painful just to dump them in the trash so consider these sustainable options:


(a) Repair your clothes

If the cloth is not specifically worn out and you think you can still save it, then do so, especially if it has sentimental value. Fixing clothes will save you more money.


(b) Donate it

Donating clothes is a great idea to maximize the usage of your clothes. Suppose your clothes are no longer fit your size or you don't like it anymore, donate them to the needy who can use them.


(c) Sell Them

Decluttering clothes online is a great way to earn money while also making space for your closet. You can sell your clothes at a lower price, and many will be engaged - it all comes down to how you present it.


  1. Mother and daughter during sharing house choresTake Good Care of Your Clothes



How to be more sustainable in fashion? Wash your clothes properly. Taking proper care of your clothes is an essential step to help them last longer in your closet. You must always consider the instructions on how to wash them regarding their type of fabric. For instance, nylon should be washed coldly in the washing machine. Cotton, on the other hand, requires gentler washing.


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