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Help The Environment...With Sunglasses?!

Eoin Mc Guinness
Posted by Eoin Mc Guinness on Sep 14, 2021 10:15:00 AM

It's hard to escape from the countless displays at retail stores of plastic sunglasses. Most retail stores offer many kinds of sunglasses, in many kinds of styles and colors. Sunglasses are now part of the fast fashion trend that is taking a huge toll on our environment. Sunglasses are hardly built with quality craftsmanship in mind. Most pairs of sunglasses are made to be worn for a short season, and then they are discarded to make room for your next trendy pair. And even though some people try to hold on to their sunglasses, most sunglasses are not made to last and will usually scratch or break. Plastic materials used in sunglasses are environmentally destructive and don't last. Now you may be thinking, what kind of sunglasses can I buy to help the environment instead of harming it? The answer, wooden sunglasses!


Wooden sunglasses are not very common in most retail chains, so you may be wondering why they are better for the environment. Wood is a natural and biodegradable material, while plastic is a synthetic material that does not biodegrade. Wooden sunglasses' lenses can usually be recycled, too, making them an all-around very environmentally-friendly choice. 

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What about metal sunglasses, though? Aren't they an environmentally-friendly choice, as well? While it is true that metal sunglasses are durable and can be more easily recycled than plastic, they are still not as environmentally friendly as wooden sunglasses. Metal sunglasses can also be very uncomfortable compared to wooden sunglasses. Metal sunglasses can be heavy, and since they are non-porous, they can prevent your skin from breathing causing discomfort. Wooden sunglasses are porous and lightweight, so they can be worn for a very long-time, comfortably. And surprisingly, wooden sunglasses can be more durable than metal sunglasses! Metal sunglasses can bend and warp, but quality wooden sunglasses are sturdy and can last decades. If you still aren't convinced that wood is the most superior material for sunglasses, keep in mind that wood is also a completely sustainable material, while plastic and metal are not sustainable materials. But that doesn't mean we dont use these materials but we want to use them WITH wood! 

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Environmental sustainability is not a concern for everyone, though. Some people just want sunglasses to keep up with current fashion trends, and wooden sunglasses may not come to mind when thinking about current fashion trends. But high-quality wooden sunglasses are timeless, and the frame of wooden sunglasses can be made to match any current fashion trend. 


Overall, wooden sunglasses are a great choice for the eco-conscious and the fashionable. With wooden sunglasses, you can look good and help save the planet!

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