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Blue Light Blocking Glasses? Irish Edition

Eoin Mc Guinness
Posted by Eoin Mc Guinness on Feb 24, 2021 1:00:00 PM

Blue light wraps up the Irish sky and ocean. For most people this shade means hope and peace, lovely summer afternoons and Bob Ross' adorable paintings. Colours are fun and beauty. People in their every day life when look up to a piercing blue sky, don't really think about the impact this light wave has in our bodies. However, folks know something about how harmful is the eyes' over exposure to the blue light screens, but nobody has told them about one simple and quick way to improve the situation. (Spoiler alert: it is the use of blue light blocking glasses!)

field of grass and perfect sky

Let's place our reading specs on our noses, because we will set a lecture on electromagnetics and explain why we need to start using blue light blocking glasses. No need to be scared, it is a completely painless Layman's lesson. We advance for those lucky lads with eagle eyes' sight, you can also get a pair of life long-lasting blue light blocking glasses without prescription. We are all 21st century creatures and screens are one of our eyes' strain main causes.


Going back to nature, something we really like, we know that the sun rays are responsible for the spread of the light spectrum when getting in contact with the earth's atmosphere. The colours, resulting of the air particles in union with these shafts of light, can be measured in lengthwaves. The shorter the waves are, the most energy they release, and the most dangerous can be for our skin and eyes. Blue light is the HEV (high energy visible) with the shortest length, thus the most dangerous if we are exposed to it too long. Natural blue light is essential for our daily activity and our vitamin D intake, yet it is important that we protect our eyes and skin from the harmful invisible UV rays with sunnies and sunblock.

Crann Sustianable eyewear

When we use our digital screens and lamps switched on for too long, especially at night time, we mess up with our brains stopping the melatonine (sleep hormone) releasing from the pineal gland, and our bodies are kept in alert causing us sleepless nights, headaches and possible, but yet to confirm, sight impairments in a future. At Crann, we have developed a new blue light blocking sunglasses with TAC lenses' technology, made up of seven layers covering and finished off with lightweighted recycled appealing frames. Migraines and insomnia will drop dramatically, due to its 100% UV rays' blocking, that come from natural and artificial light. Is this not an awesome and wholesome technology?


Ireland is the land of wholesomeness and blooming nature in constant climax. Some committed people who named ourselves Crann, a few years ago decided to start an eco-friendly fashion & stylish accessories' business. We believed we could change the world and make it greener, working on new amazing products made of 100% recycled materials (sandalwood, oak, stainless steel, plastic, etc) addressed to all people around the planet who care about the earth and their own wellbeing, yet never ever losing their style.




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