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Best Glamping Spots In Ireland

Saoirse Doyle
Posted by Saoirse Doyle on Sep 26, 2020 11:33:26 AM

Best Glamping Spots In Ireland

Hello, My name is Saoirse and I own Perfect Irish Trip, a time saving travel planning website for anyone coming to Ireland. Eoin from CRANN and I both share a passion for living a more eco-friendly and sustainable life, so I am delighted to write some posts regarding eco-friendly travel across Ireland.


While traveling Ireland one of the best ways to add an eco-friendly element to your stay is with a touch of glamping. If you would like to do a full trip of only glamping or if you would like to only do a night or two, it is a very easy way to make your holiday more on the environmentally friendly side. Below we have listed 5 of the best spots for glamping. We hope you enjoy and let us know if you have been to any of our recommendations or if you have any recommendations of you own.


Tipi Adventures, Wicklow

Tipi Adventures is a very special place, located in an enchanting woods in County Wicklow. Overnight options include Hammocks, Tree Tents, or Tipis. The entrance of Tipi Adventures camp-base consists of huge wooden viking style walled gates. When you are not camping in a tree, you should take some time to do a leisurely walk around the captivating woodlands. It should be mentioned that Tipi Adventures is more on the rugged side of glamping and definitely for the outdoor enthusiast.


Rock Farm Slane, Meath

Rock Farm Slane is definitely for the eco-friendly enthusiast. Rock Farm Slane Boutique Camping (Glamping) offers you Gold-Certified Ecotourism Luxury Camping on the River Boyne between April and November in yurts or shepherds huts. A luxury eco campsite based on an organic farm and ecotourism project on the Slane Castle estate, situated on a beautiful hillside overlooking Slane Castle, enclosed in a secret grove of parkland trees overlooking meadows and the demesne woodlands on the North bank of the River Boyne. 


Killarney Glamping, Kerry

Killarney is one of the most spectacular places in Ireland for its sheer beauty, so a night (or 10) of glamping here is a must! Offering couples only, who are seeking adventure in the south of Ireland, accommodation, wherein they do not have to compromise on comfort. With views of the Kerry Mountains you could easily forget Killarney Town and Killarney National Park are less than a mile from this romantic self-catering getaway.


Aran Glamping, Aran Islands

If you are looking for an eco-friendly 2 day experience, a trip to the Aran Islands is highly recommended. The best way to get around and explore the islands is by cycling, for lunch and dinner you can venture into most eateries and eat some of the freshest fish, caught locally off the islands, we also highly recommend a visit to Bláth na Gréine a delicious plant base café that puts a focus on minimal waste. Aran Glamping offers its glampers some of the most stunning coastal views to wake up to each morning of the Wild Atlantic Ocean right on your doorstop (or glamping step) and panoramic views across Galway Bay towards the mountains of Connemara.


Finn Lough, Fermanagh 

Finn Lough is definitely one the most luxurious of all of our glamping options. Finn Lough offers you a night under the stars, literally, with accommodation options in bubble domes. The Forest Domes feature 180° transparent walls allowing you to truly immerse yourself within the beauty and tranquillity of nature. Escape the noise of the outside world and enjoy stargazing in comfort for the perfect romantic break in Northern Ireland. These domes are perfect for someone who would like elements of uniqueness, luxury and nature mixed into one.


These are only a few examples of some lovely eco-friendly places to visit in Ireland. If you would like more examples or you would like help preparing a plan/ itinerary of where you would like to stay and dine in Ireland you can look at our Eco-Friendly Tour of Ireland or have a look at our Perfect Irish Trip Packages. Happy Traveling.




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