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    Becoming a part of our culture with your Irish glasses

    Eoin Mc Guinness
    Posted by Eoin Mc Guinness on Aug 24, 2021 11:31:00 AM

    Hospitality, fun, great food and tasty Irish stouts are some of the words coming to an Irish lovers' minds. Folks love leprechauns, faeries, Celtic knots and old stories about mythological creatures like the Dullahan and the Sluagh. They dream about a journey to Ireland, discovering its cliffs, small villages and stormy waves, surrounded by a background of Irish music, played by fiddlers dancing with lovely singing girls. It surely would be grand to spend a nice evening in a cozy pub packed with smiley faces and "draught-beered Irish glasses".


    These "Irish glasses" most daydreamers from overseas can picture right now, are the pints of stout. Aye, whisky, beer and baked-potatoes are the basics of the Irish nature, as well as being friendly and doing things for the craic. But, being Irish is more than being born in Ireland, is an attitude to life, the Crann crew know it and want you to share that feeling. We are 100% Irish, born and brought up in the land of loving Mams and broad families, where the rain makes us look light and pale, and the grass reminds us that the world is a beautiful place we must care for.


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    The Crann team got our inspiration in this craic of the Irish.


    Our glasses' designs are full of this playful character and a passion for colour and nature. Our sunnies' frames are functional, all luring, attractive and sustainable, whether made of plastic, stainless steel or wood. Another Irish "trademark" is the legendary lack of direct sunshine for several hours or even days. Some fellows could think we don't need any sun blocking glasses, but that is far from the truth, since the UV rays go through the clouds and can be harmful to our eyes. Our Irish grannies have passed us on their ability to foresee danger, besides some optical sudies we have carried out as well. Hence, we have launched our TAC lenses with a PVA polarized ultraviolet rays' absorbing layer for use in all weather conditions, preventing us from the funny suspicious look in our bakes.


    Getting yourself our fine well-conceived Irish glasses will make you feel like part of our fascinating island and culture. We know what you need, we fought and survived through the years to become the magnetic people we are, with the 2021 knowledge to offer the world what it needs: green, eco-friendly first-rate glasses with the Irish soul and outstanding designs.

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    Once you'll wear your Crann's Irish glasses, you might start using words like feck and yonks, craving for a Father Ted's episode, getting drunk in pubs, weddings and funerals, but really haven't a baldy notion of what is going on. Don't worry, you have become part of the large Irish family. 


    Irish words and idioms:


    Irish Stout: dark-textured Irish-made beer (i.e.: Guinness)

    Grand: Great, nice

    Aye: Yes

    Craic: Fun, banter, good time

    Fellow: Folk, lad, guy, person

    All luring: Alluring, attractive

    Bake: Face or mouth

    Feck: Slang for the f-word

    Yonks: A long time

    Haven't a baldy notion: Having no idea

    Fáilte: Welcome

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