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7 classic sunglasses for men

Eoin Mc Guinness
Posted by Eoin Mc Guinness on Oct 17, 2020 11:09:50 AM

As of today, our world is constantly changing and a part of this is the production of quality and fashionable products. Like the revolutionary invention of sunglasses which created a stylish era. A trendy pair of eyewear gives you the freedom to style yourself depending on your own preference. Whether it is to look youthful, elegant, or fashionable choosing the right eyewear allows you to confidently express yourself, and enables you to create an image that says a lot about you, too! Moreover, a good pair of sunglasses improve your appearance by adding a sense of mystery. Below you will find 7 unique and classic sunglasses for men ever known:


1) Wayfarers


One of the most flexible styles of sunglasses because it is suits any face shape.




 Nothing gets more classic than a wired frame aviator that gives you a badass aura. Way back before, it continuously adds an attitude to one's overall look.


3) Square Aviators

Square Aviator Stella McCartney

This type of aviator delivers a distinct advantage in being captivating in the real world that made an immediate impact on the fashion industry.


4) The Clubmaster


 One of the top sellers of Ray Ban's sunglass version with brown line edges and perhaps worn by the famous Malcolm X.


5) The Steve McQueen Persol 714s


 Made by the well-known icon of the past century and an all-time favorite pair of shades of McQueen that is available in a variety of colors.


6) Paul Newman's Carrera Champions

Paul Newman's Carrera Champions.

A model made by another prominent style idol, Cool Hand Luke himself, Mr. Paul Newman. He wore Champions wherever he goes because of the stunning combination look between a Wayfarer and an Aviator.

6) The Round Ones


For the modern man standing out is what it's all about so the round sunglasses better know as the John Lennon glasses.  


Sunglasses are one piece of accessories that completes the menswear overall sophisticated look. It is also one way of stepping up your wardrobe while giving you a full transformation that will definitely stand out.

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