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5 Great Places to Visit in Meath:

Jet Off With Jess
Posted by Jet Off With Jess on Oct 5, 2021 10:30:00 AM

The Royal County has so much to offer when it comes to day activities! It’s not a long drive from Dublin and many locals commute to the city for work or college. From stunning castles, historical and archaeological sites to exciting theme parks, Co.na Mhí has something for everyone.


Trim Castle:


Trim Castle is one of the best things to do in County Meath. It is one of the most well-known castles in Ireland and also the largest Anglo-Norman fortification to be found. Hugh de Lacy and his successors took 30 years in the 12th century to build the beautiful three-storey Keep. Back then the castle was protected by a ditch, curtain wall and moat after the original wooden bridge was attacked and destroyed by Rory O’Connor, King of Connacht. You can walk around the grounds anytime and it costs €2 per adult or €1 if you’re a student. The last admission during the Winter months is 5PM. Don’t forget your Crann sunnies if it’s a nice day when you visit!


Hill of Tara:


Situated just outside the primary town, Navan, the Hill of Tara is a great walk and historical site to visit. In Pre-Christian Ireland this was the seat of the High Kings and the most important centre of political and religious power in the country at that time. If it’s a nice sunny day this is the perfect spot to go as you can roam around freely for a walk and even stop by Maguires Café & Gift shop for a tea or coffee. Bring a keep cup with you to take your coffee to go while you’re wandering around the grounds.

Slane Castle:


Usually known for hosting fantastic outdoor concerts from great names like Madonna and Bon Jovi, Slane Castle is a beautiful site to visit in County Meath. The castle is over 300 years old and overlooks the River Boyne, just a few miles upstream from the site of the famous Battle of the Boyne. Many weddings and private events are held here but there are also some great activities for day trips from tours of the inside the castle, walking trail on the grounds and also a distillery tour to discover Slane Irish Whiskey. There is a little pop up café on the lawn for a coffee and lunch and also a bar located in the stables offering cocktails, beer, and of course whiskey!





Bru na Bóinne, which means the ‘palace’ or the ‘mansion’ of the Boyne, refers to the area within the bend of the River Boyne where you can find the Neolithic passage tombs of Newgrange and Knowth. Access to both is by guided tour only and all begin at the visitor centre. These fascinating tombs are nearly 5,000 years old (even older than the pyramids!) and contain the largest assemblage of megalithic art in Western Europe. Newgrange is particularly well known as for the illumination of its passage and chamber by the Winter Solstice sun between December 18th and December 23rd. Access to the chamber during these dates is done by lottery. However, you can take a tour for €40 but you need to book at least a month in advance. A great trick to save on your ticket is to buy a Heritage Card that you can use to get free access since it is an OPW site. The Heritage card costs €40  for an adult and only €10 for a student but it is valid for an entire year and you also have access to any other OPW site!


Tayto Park: 


A theme park in tribute to the famous and loved crisp brand, Tayto Park the perfect family day out for kids and also for groups looking for a bit of fun! Tayto park is the home of Ireland's first rollercoaster and Europe's largest wooden rollercoaster with an inversion, the Cú Chulainn Coaster. This was named after the Irish legend demigod who appears in many Irish mythological stories. The theme park is also part zoo with many animals like the Mountain Lion or the Ring-tailed lemur. The admission to the park costs €35 and kids under 3 years of age go free of charge. 



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