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Catie Beth
Posted by Catie Beth on Jul 23, 2021 10:15:00 AM

I love living in Kilkenny for many reasons.  One of them being all of the gorgeous areas around - including the walks/hikes.  Months before we got our puppy, Otto, I would always complain and say things like, “Wouldn’t this walk be so much more fun if we had a cute puppy?”  The verdict is in...they are more fun.


Below are my top five walks in Kilkenny!  Comment below how many you have done.


  1. 1) Woodstock Gardens -

  2. One of my favorites! Fabulous views, gorgeous gardens, and so much to see. You have to check out the Monkey Puzzle Avenue and the Giant Redwood (solely because I love reminiscing on my Cali trip). Woodstock is located in Inistioge and €5 per car to enter.


  1. 2) Mountain Loop Walk -

  2. Another gorgeous walk! This walk was one of our first ventures beyond 5km, so it was like paradise. I would definitely go back.


  1. 3) Jenkinstown Park -

  2. The ultimate dog-watching spot. It’s enclosed in the walls of an old estate and has some beautiful country views.


  1. 4) Castle Park -

  2. Because you can’t come to Kilkenny and not go to the castle!  Walk around the park and end your day with a picnic on the lawn
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  1. 5) Nore Valley Walk -

  2. This one is on my list!  It’s a long trail connecting Kilkenny to Bennettsbridge.  


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