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20 Date Night Idea's During Lockdown

Catie Beth
Posted by Catie Beth on Feb 20, 2021 10:15:00 AM

Every weekend I plan something to look forward to, and lockdown life is no different.  Here are 20 ideas to spice up your time at home.


Oyster Night

Did you know you can order FRESH oysters, clams, and mussels to your house from Galway?  We did it once, and we will do it again. P.S. -I recommend purchasing the oyster knife; it will make your life easier.

Bunch of frozen clams - sea food concepts

Happy Hour

Become a mixologist and craft up a fancy cocktail or mocktail!  If you have a large group in your house, get each person to make a drink of choice and have everyone vote on their favorite.

happy Young romantic couple sitting on sofa in front of fireplace at winter season in home

Themed Dinner

One of my favorites!  Go over the top and prepare apps, main, dessert, and drinks for your favorite cuisine.  My go-to is Mexican!  Chicken nachos, steak fajitas, fresh salsa + guac, and fresh margs.  Literal heaven.  Italian night is a close second.

venice, beautiful romantic italian city on sea with great canal and gondolas

Expensive vs. Cheap Taste Test

Grab one higher-end and one inexpensive, and have a taste test to see if you can decipher which is expensive.  You could use champagne, chocolate, whatever your feeling.  

Couple cooking with a pan in their kitchen

Painting With A Twist

In the U.S., we have a place where you go paint while you drink wine!  People go for team building, date nights, birthdays, etc.  Why not do it at home?  We grabbed paint supplies from Mr. Price and wine from a new wine centre in town.  It would be a cute idea for a quarantine birthday!

Smiling attractive young woman painter with red hair painting on canvas in artist workshop

Take an Online Class

If you've binged one too many shows and are craving a change, try MasterClass or SkillShare!  You can watch videos on just about anything, and they offer a free trial.

Portrait of a happy female student using laptop computer in university

Start a Garden

Or an herb garden!  I mentioned in my last blog post that my partner and I started gardening last January.  We just picked up our new round of seeds and are getting the greenhouse ready to go.  Bring on the fresh goods.

Lovely happy young woman gardener choosing flower pot with anthuriums in garden center


My latest activity!  I have so much travel memorabilia from over the years that I want to organize.  Since we can't be in Paris, reminiscing through tickets and photos will have to do.

two friends studying with notebooks on a sofa

30 Day Yoga Challenge

The number of free workout videos on YouTube is unreal.  Pick your favorite instructor and commit to a 30-day challenge.  I'm doing the 30 Day Yoga Challenge with Adriene. Highly recommend!  

Two mature women keeping fit by doing yoga in the summer

Online Shop

Hunt down sale items, or pick up a pair of blue light blocking glasses from Crann to help with all of the extra screentime!


Game Night

Jenga, Monopoly, Scrabble, Mario Kart, Cards (we love Gin Rummy), or even take it a step further and create your own board game.  

135_AlzSoc_Games Night_Website hero_1600px_v3

Home Renovation Project

Fresh paint job?  Closet organization?  Deep clean/declutter?  Always something to be done!  Blast a playlist on Spotify and start working on a project around your house or your parents.


Side Hustle

Writing music, learning an instrument,  coding, blogging, pay some attention to your side hustle or passion project.


Join a book club

Or start one!  I'm in a mini-book club with my older brother!  If you have long-distance friends/family, it's a cute idea to stay connected with them.  


Walk it Out

We recently found a new place to walk that's within our 5k. It's sad how excited I was about it.  There is so much to see in this beautiful country.  See if you can find a hidden gem nearby.

Crann Blog #2 - Feb 2021-3

Takeaway Night

Every Saturday, try a new spot in town!


Make a Vision Board

Get some inspo from magazines or Pinterest and set your intentions for the year or create a mood board.


Start Meditating

Good for the soul.  And we all need 'good for the soul' things.


Tailgate Party

If your boo’s favorite team is playing their rival or you’re into the Super Bowl, go all out with a tailgate spread to watch the game.


Get a Puppy

If you're looking for a sign to get a puppy, here it is.  You're welcome.



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