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My Coat Closet

Inspiration To Enhance Your Winter Wardrobe

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Set yourself sustainable New Year’s Resolutions!

It’s nearly 2023, so why not try and make some eco conscious resolutions in the New Year?

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Fall Looks

Fall is back, baby! Bring on the knits, boots, and my favorite - the scented candles. I rounded up my previous fall...

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Tips for Sustainability in the Classroom

Classroom Composting

This tip is probably the one that is closest to my heart.If we are serious about fighting climate...

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4 Amazing Greek Islands to Visit

Greece is such a beautiful country and a popular travel destination for so many reasons. There are 227 inhabited...

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How to Be More Sustainable in Fashion

Over the last two decades, people have enjoyed the drop in clothing prices. In fact, most people with closets now have...

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